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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Pair our Support Workers with Participants?

We try to pair our support workers by interests, experience with similar behaviors and who the support worker's other participants are so that they can easily transition to group sessions that would be a good fit for them.

How does the Transition to Group Sessions Work?

The group sessions happen whenever the participant is ready and after at least 2-3 one on one sessions with their particular support worker, just to make sure everyone is comfortable with the support and how it is going. You will maintain the same support worker in group sessions as you have in your individual sessions.

How do the Participants Access the Games?

The participants access the games through a program called Steam. This allows us to easily send through the games required for support to the participant's steam account so all you need to do is download it before your session.

Are There any Costs Involved in Getting the Games?

Fortunately, the games are classified as a tool used for providing support. This means in most cases (depends on your NDIS funding) we can charge the games in the same way we do the sessions, meaning you will not incur any direct costs.

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