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Online disability and social support through co-operation based games and activities.

Helping to achieve NDIS and personal developmental goals.

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Create a welcoming community accessible to all


A safe and comfortable environment plays a key role in promoting

social development. This sort of community is what we are striving to

create. We believe that everybody has a right to be a part

of our adventure and our doors are open to all.


Create long lasting connections

Why limit the number of people in our party? With group

sessions we introduce you to other members of our community

at a pace with which you feel comfortable. This allows you to

form real organic connections.


Make development adventurous

Adventuring alone can get lonely. Let us join you on your

quest and develop together. We use games as an integral 

part of our support and we know that they can be used to

improve a variety of cognitive and social skills.



Free consultation, enquiries and setup

This is the first step in getting started with us. This consultation will provide you with the information you require while letting us get to know you better and understand your needs.

During this session we gain an overview of your personal developmental goals as well as starting to create a list of the activities best suited for them.

We answer any questions you may have, as well as going through the setup process for the first session. This initial session is free of charge.

1 on 1 development and support session

A 1-3 hour session designed for building communication, teamwork and emotional regulation skills. These sessions use our co-operation based games combined with audio and optional video communication to engage and build a positive relationship with your carer.

These sessions do not follow a regimented format but are intended to work on personalised developmental goals while maintaining an enjoyable and safe environment. 

Information from each session will be logged to show tangible growth and progression towards these  developmental goals. 

Social development group sessions

These sessions are aimed at engaging clients in our online community by introducing them to other members at a speed they
feel comfortable with. They are designed to promote social interaction and communication in a natural yet comfortable space.

Group sessions allow for multiple clients to interact and play games with each other while under the supervision of one of our qualified support workers.

For more information, call:
0458 075 190
or send us an email at:


Bookings and Funding

Make A Booking:

  • To make a booking call us from 9am-6pm ACST on 0458 075 190 or email us at

  • Initially a consultation we will book a consultation with our support coordinator where you can decide if our service is right for you.

  • Each Session is booked in 30-minute intervals with a minimum of 1 hour per session

  • Group sessions are organised with our participants by their support workers and will be done after regular support has commenced

Funding Sessions:

  • Participants are able to use their NDIS funding if they are either plan managed or self managed

  • Participants can fund support through their core budget or capacity building budgets of their NDIS plan.


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Bookings and Inquires

To book sessions and consultations, or for any inquiries, feedback or commendations, please call: 0458 075 190 
during our office hours or email 

Office hours: 8am to 8pm

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To apply for a job with Social Support Online, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: